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The top-quality AMINO ANIMO organic proteins could not have missed the top sports event in Greece, the IRONMAN 70.3 Greece triathlon race.

Greece welcomed the most prestigious and demanding triathlon race for the second time, completing the list of 53 countries and 6 continents that host respective events each year. On October 22-24, under the enchanting landscape of the Southwestern Peloponnese and its ideal Mediterranean conditions, about 2000 athletes from all over the world tested their limits in 1.9 km of swimming, 90.1 km of cycling and 21.1 km of running! Challenging, eh? Indeed!

That is why all triathletes need an effective ally during their training, in order to stay focused on their goal, exceed their limits and reduce their racing times. A steady ally that will be there for their body and mind in every starting line, in every transition, in every short breath, in every extra mile, in every sharp turn.

This ally is none other than AMINO ANIMO organic proteins! Made from 100% natural raw materials, free of lactose, gluten, soy and sugar, our vegan proteins combine all the benefits of animal proteins without toxins, trans fats and harmful substances. Offering a balanced profile of all the essential amino acids, they fill the body with the desired energy before each workout, protect against oxidative stress during and contribute to muscle recovery afterward.

With AMINO ANIMO, #EvolutionComesNaturally!

Our experience: Electric energy, amazing vibes, pure dedication: that would be an accurate description of our experience in IRONMAN 70.3 Greece. To recap what was like being part of this true celebration of sports & well-being, we met the most inspiring people from all around the world, we as pharmacists shared our scientific knowledge on organic proteins and their benefits on training, we welcomed every participant in our booths for a tasting trial, we flooded the EXPO area with samples & gift bags, we celebrated #AMINOANIMOpeople Jenny Boulmeti being the first woman to cut the finishing ribbon (BRAVO!), we cheered on the AMINO ANIMO team members who all finished the race with impressive times and of course… we documented everything along the way. Take a look!

Video: Theodosis Mitsiopoulos

The winner of the AMINO ANIMO – IRONMAN 70.3 Greece giveaway that wins a free entry (General Entry) for the 2022 race is Stelios Michalopoulos.

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