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Servings: 6-8
Preparation time: 2 hours
Total AMINO ANIMO protein: 112.5 gr
Recipe: Nikos Gaitanos

The lightest and most delicious version of pastitsio, the most beloved traditional Greek dish. No meat, no dairy, for those of you who are vegan or are fasting or just want to taste a dish with less fats and more protein, thanks to the AMINO ANIMO Rice Protein.


For the béchamel:

• 112.5 gr. AMINO ANIMO Rice Protein
• 1 1/2 liters of water
• 200 gr. cauliflower
• 7 tbsp. olive oil
• 1 tsp. nutmeg
• Salt

For the pastitsio:

• 200 gr. chickpeas
• 1 green pepper
• 1 red pepper
• 1 leek
• 2 onions
• 2 cloves of garlic
• 6 tbsp. olive oil
• 1 tsp. oregano
• 1 tbsp. agave syrup
• 4 tomatoes
• 1 pack of penne pasta (For gluten-free, gluten-free pasta)
• 1/4 cup roasted and salted peanuts
• Salt
• Pepper


  1. Boil the cauliflower in the water until soft.
  2. Add the boiled cauliflower, some of the boiling water and all the rest of the béchamel ingredients to the blender and beat well, until a homogeneous cream is formed.
  3. Transfer the béchamel to the saucepan with the rest of the water and boil for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Set the béchamel aside.
  5. Soak the chickpeas from the previous day and boil them until soft. Then cut them into smaller pieces with a knife.
  6. Chop all the vegetables.
  7. Blend the tomatoes in the blender.
  8. In a large pan, heat the olive oil and saute all the chopped vegetables.
  9. Add the melted tomatoes, salt, pepper, oregano and agave syrup. Stir and cook on low heat until the sauce thickens.
  10. Boil the pasta in plenty of salted water for half the time indicated on the package.
  11. Mix the sauce, pasta and some of the béchamel in a bowl.
  12. Grind the peanuts in the blender.
  13. Spread the mixture on a 45x35x5 cm. pan and spread the rest of the béchamel on top. Sprinkle with the chopped peanuts.
  14. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ᵒC for about 30 minutes.

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